ePals offers safe and protected email exchange between students in classrooms around the world.

Can a FREE service that promises to connect students in Texas and Taiwan be both simple to use and offer meaningful learning experiences?Yes, and here's why.
1. ePals is easy.
Whether you're a student, teacher, or a district-wide administrator, all of ePals' no-cost solutions - SchoolMail™, SchoolBlog™, and Classroom Match - are easy to set up and use right away from any computer connected to the Internet. In fact, SchoolMail™ is the global leader in school-safe electronic communications.
2. ePals is safe and protected. It is managed by teachers and administrators. All interactions are policy managed by school districts and teachers, including emails, blogs, and forums, and can be monitored and filtered according to any standard. And ePals blocks SPAM, pornography, and curse words.
3. ePals is a Collaborative Learning Experience. There's a reason why schools and school districts around the world have adopted ePals: It has been specifically designed for primary-secondary use and is based on the latest research for effective Internet-based learning.