Mission: My personal vision statement begins with the assumption that technology is a component of a fundamental shift in education. In order for students and teachers to take advantage of the possibilities afforded by these new and changing technologies, students and teachers will have to have transferable skill sets. My vision is that 21st century students and educators who are comfortable using evolving technologies for finding and sharing information, creating and evaluating messages, and for synchronous and asynchronous collaboration will take their places as stakeholders in both local and global learning communities.

The following Web 2.0 mindtools are presented as examples for administrators and teachers who want to better understand how digital technologies can be effectively integrated into instruction.

Students will visit ToonDoo to create a cartoon depicting an important event or concept from classroom discussion. This is useful for both formative and summative assessments. Students can work alone or in pairs to choose backgrounds, characters, etc. and add captions and dialogue. A product like this compels students to combine knowledge and analytical skills to demonstrate higher order thinking through planning, designing, and producing.

Wordle can be used by teachers to introduce a concept, activate prior knowledge, and spur classroom discussion. An example of a classroom activity using this tool: students will create a list of thirty key words or phrases, form pairs to share and compare the lists, defend their choices as their lists are combined and reduced to fifty words, and use Wordle to create a team wordcloud which will be shared with peers.

Wordle: American Revolution

Wordle: Miss American Pie
Wordle: A Christmas Carol Stave One

Wordle: Piedmont Region of NC
Wordle: Cherokee Indians

Students will work in small groups to create and perform a dialogue. The students will find or create an image to serve as a background. Students will produce the segment using a video camera and a green screen. Schooltube is a recommended site for free video hosting.

Eighth grade students portray angry colonists.

A seventh grade student discusses a work of art.

Students will find or create an image of a person from class discussion, work in pairs to write a script, and use Blabberize to make the person speak.

King George lll angrily responds to the colonists, some of which he calls traitors.

Sam Adams responds to the threats of King George lll.