Reaction and reflection following the 2008-2009 North Carolina Educational Technology Conference in Greensboro, NC.

I sat in on Dr. Lodge McCammon's presentation about FIZZ, a safe and secure web presence for schools. Lodge is a musician, and he creates great songs with lyrics that teach. Back Up, a song that teaches about longitudinal waves, is very catchy; I think we should do this video with our students. Although the session was an E, it should have been a V; FIZZ comes at a price. - Barry, Technology Facilitator

The opening session was GREAT. Dr. Jim Moulton has a very balanced view of the use of technology and reminded us that our goal should be humanly engaged, intellectually astute students. We are challenged by a generation that lacks intellectual curiosity so we must infuse creativity in all we do and technology is a way to do that. -AC, principal

Jim Moulton gave a very entertaining and informative presentation entitled The Best of the Web. One right after another, he showed free and useful resources available to teachers online. Go here for his list. He mentioned several things that I found interesting enough to either think about or talk about later: "the last child left in the woods" and kids who don't go out and play, kids should work in pairs in the computer lab so that they can talk, "education is a cultural responsibility", "Is Google Making Us Stupid?", and more. I recommend checking Jim out if you get the chance. - Barry, Technology Facilitator

Create a partnership like this one with a local college or university. Prof of Educ Dean of School of Educ

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