At Del Mar Middle School in Tiburon, California, Anthony Armstrongis an example of an inspired educator using the resources of a 1:1 classroom to reinvent teaching and inspire the students in his American history class.
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Features: Desks allow for various classroom configurations as required by the day's activities. Rather than long lectures, Armstrong uses shorter talks and a class wiki to get the necessary information to his students. The wiki contains all class materials and links to a wealth of resources. Students are taught to use web tools to organize and share their search results, web content, and digital products. Some classes are seminar discussions. Led by Armstrong and using a think-pair-share strategy with images and quotes on an interactive whiteboard, the seminar produces a vigrous exchange of ideas between students which, says Armstrong, "puts the social back in social studies."
It is hard to imagine a social studies teacher who would not be inspired by this segment of chapter three.
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