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Educational Technology Resources

Motivating Screenagers

Quizlet has a large collection of flash cards and activities (good to use on the SmartBoard.)

Jim Moulton

Sites for Teachers

TeachersFirst is a rich collection of lessons, units, and web resources.

iLearn technology is an edublog dedicated to giving teachers practical tips for integrating technology into the classroom.

Catchy Music Video About Educational Technology Integration from Centennial Campus Middle School

21st Century Connections

Smartboard Resources

Bob's Place of Educational Links"a thousand sites in one!"

SmartBoard lessons and activities by subject/grade

60 Second Techvideo tutorials

Pull names from a hatuse this free download to randomly choose students or create teams

SmartBoard tools and tips

Interactive Internet Resources organized by subject and grade level

Internet 4 Classrooms has internet resources grouped by subject and grade level

Internet 4 Classrooms Smartboard resources

Smart Notebook Flash Activities

SmartBoard Lessons from Longwood Central School District all grade levels and subjects


Powerpoint presentations by topic

Powerpoint Jeopardy Template


Paint with ArtPad

Sketch and Paint

Choose a Color for Sound

Paint like Jackson Pollock on your SmartBoard

Sherwin Williams Colors

Make a Flake Make your own snowflakes.


Biology In Motion "Bringing biology to life"

Nobel Prize games:
physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature, peace, and economics.


Your 20s: See How Your Wealth Measures Up

Living on a Budget from

Computer Skills

Practice computer skills


Lauri's ESL
Inspiration Lane
English Online Interactive


ICT Literacy Map

101 Ways to Teach Geography

Health/ PE

Educator's Reference Desk - PE

Body and Mind Site from the CDC

Mouse Party A simple interactive Flash activity that lets users “experiment with drugs” and see the effects on their brains. There is a specific focus on neurotransmitters and the brain’s reward pathway.

Virtual Body

NOVA Health Interactives

PE Central

Reproduction Flashcards from Quizlet

Body Systems

Animation from Maryland General Hospital

Female Reproductive System

Language Arts

ICT Literacy Map
Internet Resources for Language Arts Teachers

Animated Life of Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens games

A Christmas Carol resources

Arrange events from A Christmas Carol


Ordered Pairs Game

What's The Point? Ordered Pairs Activity from Funbrain

Math Games Galore
ICT Literacy Map

Math Resources from CT4ME


Figure This!

Math Forum: Middle School Lesson Plans

Create your own math interactive games

Many activities from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Math Activities

Interactive Mathematics Classroom

Video and interactive game using temperature good for integers

Integer word problems

To explain concepts

Interactive Math from the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Many math interactives

Higher math and algebra from SAS

A list of many interactive math sites

Quia Shared Activities

Battleship game example


Songs with lyrics that teach

Flocabulary Learning Through Rap


Scientific Literacy interactive science

ICT Literacy Map

SmartBoard Resources for Science

Interactive Sites

Science Questions and Answers

DNA Double Helix game

Bottle Rockets
NASA Water RocketrySolar System

Plate Tectonics

Tectonics lessons and hands-on activities
Dynamic Earth for (Smartboard)
Imagine (click from the menu in the left)
Tectonics map and description of three boundary types
Plate tectonics puzzle (good review on smartboard?)
Savage Earth from PBS
Discovery’s Make a Quake cool
The History of Wegener’s Idea
PBS Tectonics earth as hardboiled egg
National Geographic

Roller Coaster Physics


How Volcanoes Work
The force from the eruption of Mt. St. Helens leveled trees within a twenty mile radius. Wonder how would that look in your town imagining your school is located at the center? Use Google Earth.
USGS has lots of science resources
Volcanoes Interactive from Annenberg Media
Musical Plates A Study of Earthquakes and Plate Tectonics
Learn Anytime:Volcanoes
Volcano Resources from SAS:
Would You Survive?
Patterns of Fury
Animated Explanatory Video
Discovery Kids build a volcano

Social Studies

Immigration Explorer
21st Century Skills Map
North Carolina History Project


Interactive Activities
More Activities and Lessons
Mi Cara


Interactive spreadsheets

Virtual Field Trips

Internet for Classrooms

Internet Safety



21st Century Education
YouTube in Education?

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