Blabberize is lots of fun. Choose your image and make it speak your words. Lesson ideas below.

Click to see and hear Charlie Rembert as Samuel Adams

Hear Old Man Warner from "The Lottery"


A tornado that talks. Lincoln at Gettysburg. A frog describing himself in Spanish. A message to America from the Statue of Liberty. Langston Hughes recites a poem. Pythagoras explains his Theorem.

Using Blabberize, students give speech to images. First the image is uploaded. With a few clicks of the mouse, students then create a "mouth" on their image. Next, they make a recording of their voice. Press a button, and seconds later the image on the screen moves its mouth and speaks their words.

The graphics and instructions on the site are easy to understand and follow. Students can quickly rerecord their voice until they are satisfied with the final product. Teachers would probably want to collect files or links for archiving and sharing.

With Blabberize, students can create a personalized interpretation of whatever it is they're learning in class.

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